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    EPO SQL database size

      Hello all.  If this question has already been asked and answered elsewhere, then I apologize in advance, but I could not find it.


      In our environment, we have approximately 1000 machines with the McAfee Agent (4.5 patch 3) reporting in to our EPO 4.6 patch 2 server.  We are using VirusScan Enterprise 8.7i, Endpoint Encryption for PC 6.2 (approx 350 machines), and a few machines here and there that have SiteAdvisor Plus 3.0 (maybe 10 machines).  We had DLP 9.0 installed and deployed to about 10 machines, but we removed it entirely from the clients and the EPO server.


      My question is, our SQL database is approximately 30GB in size.  Is this normal?  It seems rather large to me, but then again, this is only EPO server install I have ever dealt with, so I don't know if it is normal or not.  Any advise would be appreciated.


      Thank you.