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    Start scan at night or during the day


      I want to periodically scan our systems on virusses. I want to scan most of our machines at night, but we have users with laptops, and those laptops are not turned on at night.


      If i schedule a client task for scanning at 2 am, what will happen if a laptop / pc is turned on the day after at 9 am? Does the scan begin than automatically? Or does the scan not begin, because the machine was not turned on at 2 am?

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          what you need to look at is the 'Run Missed Task' option of a tasks schedule.


          But...a quick search found this thread that suggests that the functionality is broken and doesn't work as expected https://community.mcafee.com/thread/20705


          However the thread is a couple of years old so this might have been fixed in newer versions of the agent.


          A work around, if it hasn't been fixed, is to use a separate scan task for laptops which you can run at logon (with a delay maybe) instead of a fixed time.


          You could use system tags to apply the task to laptops rather than add it as a custom task to each laptop or having to move them to a separate group in ePO.