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    Windows 7 MSC uninstall breaks internet

      Windows 7 Home premium, McAfee SC.


      Time for MSC to go so I perform conventional uninstall and after restart, no internet on either wired or wireless. Try the usual suspects, ie winsock and int ip resets, so change.

      Perform system restore back to normal.


      Ok then, try using removal tool, and after restart back to same problem.


      MSC is breaking the registry during uninstall in my opinion but not sure how or why.

      How do I remove McAfee without breaking Windows 7 networking?

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          Peter M

          Can you still access the Internet in Safe Mode with Networking?  (Reached by tapping F8 repeatedly while booting up and then selecting that item from the ensuing menu). 


          What happens when you right-click the Network icon by the clock and select 'Diagnose and Repair' ?  (If it's not there right-click taskbar, Properties, Notification Area and check it there and Apply/OK.


          Is your network adapter appearing still in Device Manager?

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            Peter M

            I just got an email from my contact in Support who suggests that this is something that your ISP can easily sort out hopefully, so give them a call.


            ..Edit: and another one:


            'Uninstalling MSC is unlikely to cause connectivity problems, assuming the un-installation completed properly and he rebooted afterwards.  I’d also like to know what exactly was lost – is it only web browsing?  Email (POP3)?  Can he still ping by name and IP address?  Does he get an IP from his router/ISP?


            I’d suggest running MCPR and possibly re-registering jscript/vbscript (depending on what actually is broken of course).  Once that’s done, have a look at other network related apps installed – anything that introduces a component into the network stack (e.g. LSPs and proxies).'


            To register scripts:


            Go to Start/Search and type in cmd, then right-click Command prompt when it appears above and select 'Run as Administrator'


            Type in the following and click the Enter key after each one


            “regsvr32 jscript”


            “regsvr32 vbscript”


            Exit Command Prompt










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              Hi Ex-Brit


              Appreciate you looking into this.


              When I say no internet, it simply means no access to an external DNS. No web, no email, no...internet! An exclaimation next to the network icon in notification area. In network and sharing centre, red cross to internet and as for 'diagnose and repair', well it doesn't and just says www.microsoft.com is not accessible.


              Absolutely I agree McAfee shouldn't cause this, but my friends my internet is ok when McAfee installed, but after a variety of different and proper uninstall methods, my internet connection becames inoperable.


              The law of probability is pointing towards McAfee due to its influence over network traffic monitoring and to whether it is removing more than it should in the registry. Bizarre!

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                Peter M

                Go to Device Manager and uninstall your network adapter, then see if Windows rediscovers it at reboot.  If it fails check again this time opting to search your entire hard drive.    I've never heard of McAfee actually eating a LAN like that.  I have heard of registry cleaners doing it though, and in fact one ate mine once.  Since then I've avoided them like the plague.

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                  Peter M

                  First you might benefit from a phone call to your ISP askmg them for a settings check.

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                    Hi Ex-Brit


                    I must make a confession before I move on, that I am a technician in a computer shop and I currently have maybe 7 other computers connected via a central modem router and they are all happily internet connected. The customer at his home rang and mentioned the internet problem when he tried the conventional uninstall, followed by a confirmation here in my workshop.


                    I work with so many AV's on clients computers that cause all sorts of weird operability issues, from AVG causing BSOD's to Kaspersky just out-right up freezing the computer. This one is so obviously McAfee, but I can agree with your support contact that it shouldn't happen, doesn't mean it won't. No software is 100% impervious to any issues like this.


                    btw, NIC has been uninstalled (including drivers) and rebooted - no change. Remember from my first post, the issue is occuring on both LAN & WLAN connections.


                    I am going to attempt a Windows 7 in-place upgrade because the registry is too vast a place to track this down in the time I have.


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                      Hold the phone, what is Windows Live OneCare doing in there (in Windows 7?)

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                        Peter M

                        Whatever it's doing there would clash with other security software, namely McAfee.


                        If they want something in addition to McAfee then check the link at the bottom of my signature for one or two suggestions.







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                          Yes I agree, 2 x AV leads to trouble; however in this case, removing OneCare didn't resolve the issue.


                          Found hidden McAfee drivers in device manager which after removing, still didn't resolve the issue.


                          Did a factory restore in the end.

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