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    VSE Features

      Hi Guys,


                         I have some questions regarding McAfee VirusEnterprise v8 and Device control and application control.


      1.) What McAfee Virus Enterprise can offer to a client that has the same features with SEP version 12.2.?


      They said SEP version 12 has the following features below in one package with no additional cost:



      Application Control and Device control



      2.) Can McAfee VSE v8 generate reports for the hardware specifications for inventory and print it or export it?


      3.) How to remove password protected SEP version 12 remotely? Does McAfee provides a tool to remove other antivirus such as Symantec?


      4.) What is the process of sending suspected virus file to GTI, does the client sends it directly to GTI lab or it sends first to the ePO server and the ePO server is the one that will send the suspected virus file?


      5.) Does VSE version 8 has a bandwidth throttling so we can throttle the bandwidth consumption of clients that are updating?


      6.) If VSE v8 is connected to your Domain Controller, Can it binds policies via Username in AD and not by Ipaddress and MAC address? My client wants this feature for their roaming profiles.


      7.) Does VSE v8 has a local update server?. Because what if only one computer on a network has an internet access? . If that is the case we there should be one computer on their network that will download updates from the internet and will distribute it to the clients. Where can I download the installer for the local update server?


      8.) If McAfee VSE is deployed on one computer, can it discover computers that has no McAfee antivirus installed yet?


      9.) How many ePO server can I install with one license? Because If a there are several branches from different locations and needs to have an ePO server installed on the locations but they have only one ePO license is this possible?


      10.) Where do we apply the licensing of VSE? Is it manually put to each node or we can do it via ePO?. Is it one license good for how many user or the license is equivalent to the number of users?.