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    All these processes are slowing my PC.

      There are 6 processes running on my PC related to McAfee Security Center 2010. They slow my PC and make it unresponsive. Frustrating. Are these all really necessary? Any recommendations for ones to disable? I'm thinking of disabling mfefire.exe firwall and mfevtps.exe Process Validation.


      mcschield - On-Access Scanner

      mcagent.exe - Security Center

      mcods.exe - VirusScan On-Demand

      mcSvHost.exe - Service Host

      mfefire.exe - Core Firewall

      mfevtps.exe - Process Validation

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          Peter M

          Those processes are all protecting you.  Disabling them will either cause the software to malfunction or at least leave you open to threats you are currently protected against.


          A better approach would be to troubleshoot why it's happening.


          What kind of processor is your computer using and at what speed plus how much memory (RAM) is installed?


          What operating system and service pack are you using and is it totally up to date, paricularly Internet Explorer, whether or not it's your default browser?


          What version of McAfee SecurityCenter is installed?   (Open it and go to 'About')


          What other security software is installed?


          Technical Support is a free phone call away and is linked under Useful Links at the top of this page should you need them.

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            Hi Peter,

            Thanks for your response. I consider my PC old and slow. But, it's all I have.


            Dell PC, 5 years old.

            Windows Vista Home Premium SP2. Researched and adjusted for Best Performance.

            AMC Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 3600+ 1.90 GHz

            1 GB RAM

            Default browser is Google Chrome

            McAfee Security Center version 11.0

            No other security software.


            I have recently restored back to Factory Default image of PC, so it is pretty clean.


            I would be willing to reduce my security protection by disabling some of the processes to increase performance. But I need to figure out what processes to disable and which to keep. My email and internet browsing is fairly safe, so I don't feel I need extra protection, just basic protection. Any suggestions of what processes can be disabled for a User that accepts the Risk?


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              Peter M

              What components are showing in the 'About' window?   They may be one or two you don't need but can't promise that.


              Your processor is a dual core and that has been discussed before - some people have found them slow, others not, Technical Support might be of use to you there.


              Your RAM is right bang on the minimum requirement for Vista/Windows 7 and I wonder if there is any way of increasing it?    That can bring a new lease of life to an older machine.  My old XP one was revitalized similarly. 


              You should install IE9 whether or not you use it, because some processes, including McAfee do use it behind the scenes.   That may possibly improve matters.


              Other ways are to make sure you aren't storing emails in your Inbox where they would be constantly scanned.


              Look into that RAM idea and contact Technical Support as they may have some ideas.









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                I will update my Internet Explorer.


                The Components I have are: SecurityCenter, VirusScan, Personal Firewall, Anti-Spam, Parental Controls, and QuickClean and Shredder.


                Not sure I need any Firewall, Spam, nor QuickClean/Shredder processes running. My Router and Email client take care of Firewall and Spam.


                Why would emails in my Inbox be constantly scanned? They should only be scanned once, when first received, right?


                I only need 3 items: 1.) Scan emails when I receive them, 2.) scan any kind of script or multimedia on a webpage, and 3.) Parental Controls. That's it, I just need those 3 protections. Turn off any auto update checking, I'd like to manually update once per week.

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                  Peter M

                  OK, Quickclean/Shredder are utilities that are on demand only so don't operate unless you tell then to, they can't be removed in any case.


                  Parental Controls are only necessary if you have kids you need to restrict whilst surfing.


                  Anti-Spam is your choice entirely.  If you don't want it then you would have to uninstall everything via Control Panel > Programs > Uninstall a Program, run the MCPR cleanup tool listed under Useful Links at the top of this page, reboot and reinstall your products using the Custom method and unchecking Anti-Spam.


                  I advise strongly against disabling the firewall as a software firewall protects much more thoroughly than Windows own built-in one does and it shouldn't slow you down anyway.


                  VirusScan scans email Inboxes all the time and especially at boot time so it is bad practice to store emails in the Inbox.  Create sub-folders for storage and only keep emails in the Inbox as long as it takes to first read them.


                  That also helps prevent the email client from crashing which can happen.


                  After doing that if the problem persists I recommend you phone Technical Support.

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                    @zartan24 : put in another 1Gb of RAM. It'll make quite a difference. The CPU is 1.9GHz, which is okay-fast, not brilliant but adequate.


                    The other thing you should do is to check for any driver updates that Dell or AMD have got for your model. The Data Sheet for your processor is HERE and the X2 Product page is HEREI don't see anything in the Drivers section but you might find something listed if you enter the relevant Chipset/Motherboard information in the Support Search page.


                    There are other things you can do to tweak performance, but memory and driver updates are a good place to start.

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                      Also open the task manager ie ctl+alt+del and show all processes and check if any are using high CPU cycles.


                      Check if Mcshiled is maxing out and when.