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    Scanning for disabled accounts

      Hello all, Does anybody know if McAfee Foundstone VM has a default template for listing local enabled administrative account? If no, do you know if there is a SCAP contents to load that perform thisscan?


      Thanks in advance,


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          Sorry I don't know of any scripts that do this...

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            Thank you CGrim. Even if we need the only enumeration of enabled accounts (admin and simple users) we can't use Foundstone?

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              Hi r4f,


              Oh, well you might be able to use:

              Windows/Miscellaneous/Enumerate Administrator users


              for logged on users:

              Windows/Miscellaneous/Report Current Logon users on Windows (bad grammer!)


              Get the user profiles off the host:
              Windows/Miscellaneous/Windows User Profiles


              I hope that helps!

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                Sorry Cgrim (thanks for your attention), i don't need the list of logged on users, but only the list of accounts that are not disabled.


                We have to reclaim all the unnecessary administrative accounts. By execution of these template, we have the list of all admin accounts on a windows host:


                • Windows/Miscellaneous/Enumerate Administrator Users
                • Windows/Miscellaneous/Display All Detected Local Users andGroups on a Windows Host


                This enumeration however, lists also the disabled accounts.

                We know that other VA instruments has this feature: is there a script to import on Foundstone that can help us?


                Thank you.