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    Incorrect Key External Esata Drive

      Unknown to me my external hard drive is encrypted. I created my own backup of my primary hard drive with acronis. Had an issue had to restore my primary disk. It restored with

      "SafeBoot has been corrupted (error 92h)" I was like ok, well running Win 7 Enterprise 64bit. Ran fix boot and fix mbr and that fixed my boot issue. But it blew away the mbr which had the encryption with it. Issue is i can no longer access my esata external drive which is encrypted now. What do i need to tell my IT support so i can get access to my external drive? I still have safeboot on my PC and under the encryption says my C: drive is None, (expected) F: (esata drive) Incorect key.


      How do I fix the incorrect key.


      Thanks Everyone in advance!





      Levono T420 Windows 7 Enterprise 64Bit

      Endpoint Encryption  for PC Client Manager (v.5.2.3)

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          You need to SafeTech/WinTech decrypt it using the old SDB file from your previous activation. That's the only way to get the data back. It won't be possible to run WinTech from within your current OS unless you remove EEPC first (don't uninstall - just remove the encryption and pre-boot). Or, you can boot off a WinPE CD or something, mount the old key and drive, then copy the files off to the network etc.


          Without the old SDB file, there's no way to decrypt this data.

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            Thanks for the quick reply. Where is the SDB file located. Is this on th corporate side or something i can pull of my PC. would this file exist if on pc when i did the first image?





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              It's on the corporate system - no, it's doubtful it's on your machine unless your company is using offline installs - if so it will be in the McAfee/Endpoint encryption folder - doubtful though.


              Even if you do find it, you'll still need the toolkit from your corp admins.

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                I really appreciate the responce. Hopefully I can relay this information to our techs and they will be able to decrypt the drive and salvage the data.


                Thanks for the help. I have to say i am impressed with the mcafee drive encryption but wish some would would of warned me about plugging a esata drive in and auto encrypt it.


                Lesson learn hopefully not to painful of one.

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                  Unfortunately windows detects eSATA as a fixed disk, not a removable one. I think there's a windows hot fix to solve that problem though.


                  But, your company could have also set eepc to encrypt removable media by default, so this might be quite deliberate.