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    techmaster pop up

      i recently started to receive this techmaster pop up from mcafee which i cannot ger rid off unless i click on one of the buttons. is this genuine from mcafee or a copycat scam?

      see attached snapshot.

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          Yes it's genuine.  It's an extra service that is offered for a free on ther support pages.   If you close the ad it shouldn't occur again.

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            Thanks, Peter. But strange thing is when i started my pc today, i got a windows alert message telling me that mcafee anti-virus was turned off (I never got this message alert before). I didnt turn mcgaee off myself (why would i?). wondering how it happened and whether it is connected with this pop up  ? perhaps the pop up wasnt genuine?


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              I get that occasionally and put it down to a delay in McAfee interracting with Windows Security Center and usually ignore it expecially if McAfee SecurityCenter itself is green and says it is protecting..


              As a precaution run some extra tools, perhaps Stinger and Malwarebytes Free (after updating in the case of the latter) available here:   Anti-Spyware/Malware & Hijacker Tools

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                Hi Peter, many thanks. These articles are v helpful. I alsohave a few more related questions from reading these, which I would be thankfulfor your thoughts:

                1/ do these anti-virusremoval tools typically delete the malware entries from the Registry as well?

                2/ if you locate malware using another tool, such as window’sautoruns (a sophisticated interface which shows all programs which activate onstartup) and delete it from there, how would you then locate the relevant registriesentries to delete the malware entries from registry?

                3/ are programs/tools downloaded from cnet.com sitegenerally safe and can be trusted?

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                  1.  Usually yes, but sometimes a registry search is necessary, but that is the purview of malware removal forums not this one.  Also questions about other tools shoudl go to their support forums or a general anti-malware one perhaps.


                  2.  I really don't know but would assume it cleans the entries out, but see previous answer.


                  3.  I've used CNet for years without incident but one always has to be careful when downloading from a 3rd party that they don't include optional downloads you don't need or want.