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    My McAfee experience

      I sent this to McAfee in an email but they will probably just throw it out, I wanted you guys to see it too.


      I have been a loyal McAfee customer ever since I purchased my first PC a number of years ago, every year I have updated to latest version and I’m currently using the latest and most expensive McAfee software available. Up until now I have had no problems, however, yesterday I was infected with a virus known as “my security shield”.


      Not only did this virus go right past McAfee’s security but all attempts to remove it using McAfee’s pathetic scan tool failed, even after leaving it scanning for over 4 hours.


      This virus got right past McAfee’s defences, infected my system and totally wiped my data. 4 years of documents, pictures and important business documents were lost in the blink of an eye, all because I was lured into a false sense of security by your so called antivirus software.


      I cannot begin to express how completely disappointed in your company I am, I’ve put my full trust into McAfee for as long as I’ve owned a PC thinking it would protect me and my family from malicious software, but this was obviously a massive mistake.


      Due to the massive amount of irreplaceable information I have lost I would like to request a refund for my so called “Total Protection”. I’ll also take this time to let you know I will never purchase another piece of software from your company for as long as I use a computer, I feel as if your company has totally betrayed my trust.


      I’ll now be using more competent antivirus tool in the future, because let’s face it, even Windows defender is better than your software.

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          Peter M

          If it was one of the several Fake Anti-Malware or "security" entities out there it is no surprise as no antivirus will stop them because they work unlike normal malware, which involves human interaction to activate them, even if it's something seemingly innocent like clicking the 'X' to clear the page.   So switching brands, whilst your choice of course, is a waste of time and effort.


          If you don't believe me, check any of the various independant anti-malware forums.  There are some mentioned lower down this document:  https://community.mcafee.com/docs/DOC-2168 along with some tools that may help in such situations.


          Windows Defender only defends aginst spyware, not viruses, (except the version included in Windows 8, which is a beta product anyway).  I do recommend its use as an extra protection, however.


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            Couldn't agree more.  The Total Protection Plan is a complete bust.  After contracting a virus that is known for over 6 years, ( How could they not have developed something to catch this by now) I contacted customer and tech support.  After being told that for $179.99 they "might" be able to fix it I disconectted.  Then I contacted them asking for a refund for a USELESS product and was told that it was after 30 days and to pound sand.  NEVER again will I purchase a McAfee product.  After 10 years of loyalty.  Their loss.  I have taken to blogging everywhere about this horrible and inept company.  They couldn't even get the number of licenses that I paid for correct. 

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              I am not really happy with McAfee right now either, but you can take my word for it that McAfee is better than Symantec / Norton.  McAfee was just fine for my computer for the first 2 months (enough time to keep me from a refund) I had it, then it has started giving me problems, which their own support people have been forced to admit have nothing to do with my computer or program.  Now, the updating is not working right when I check for updates and none should be available and the subscription verification is giving me problems off and on.  For the time being I have to put up with it because I am too poor to switch, but I will not put up with it forever.


              The only time I got a virus on this computer it was McAfee's fault because to fix Quick Clean not working, a Tier 2 Indian had to reinstall Chrome, but he clicked on some weird, ad supported, link from a Yahoo search to do so, rather than just going to Google's site directly as I told him to (McAfee's Concierge Platinum Americans were able to clean the infection and do a normal reinstall of Chrome, which fixed the Quick Clean).  The Concierge Platinum paid support is basically false advertising because it promises 24 hour, North American, technical support, but it turns out they really do not know much about the McAfee product, so for McAfee product issues, you still need to call the free McAfee Indians who are available only 12 hours a day.  The free McAfee Indian support makes it almost impossible to talk to senior technicians and they always schedule call backs that they never make (I have scheduled over a dozen McAfee call backs and never received 1 on time).  I know I would never use Norton / Symantec ever again (their junk stopped working on my computer and after they could not fix it they told me to stop calling tham and find a new security company), but AVG or Avast might be good to try when my McAfee subscription is up or sooner, If McAfee does not fix its update issues.