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    Error 554 Denied

      Ok, so I'm getting Error 554 denied when emailing companies using MXLogic.com


      The falsepostive team over that mxlogic.com tells me it on my side, but the header shows the message reaching MXLogic. Since we use Postini and with their less then stellar support we've established that depending on which relay it leaves from Postini it's getting block on the MXLogic side. Yet I can't get any more support out of the falsepostive team to continue testing. And getting support from Postini is like pulling teeth from a angry sabertooth tiger. Basically some message get through, some don't, it seems like some of the Postini IPs are being blocked by MXLogic. Looking around the internet it appears this has happened in the past.


      Any thoughts or suggestions would be great, we are reaching out to the business patterns using MXLogic, but this is a working one day and not the next kind of problem when no changed anything. We've been emailing some of the companies without issue for years.


      Thanks, J