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      We have some 56000 machines running imaged build of windows 2000 desktop. Previous AV supplier F-secure is longer supporting win 2000 and below. Hence install of MacAfee

      On a couple of machines we have issues with WinZip using massive resources whilst extracting files.

      If we remove MacAfee client ver. 7.00 problem disappears, reinstalled same problem. MacAfee changes something on install. But what? event logs do not report any problem post install.

      Post install ms logs report unknown error with WinZip

      WinZip don’t support win2000 issues so cant & wont help

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          Is it Winzip actually using the resources or McAfee?


          If a zip contains a large number of small files or large files this can impact on system performace. McAfee will scan every file as it is extracted potentially causing the issue.


          You can setup exclusions to mitigate the performance issue but this will impact on security.


          Also if i read your post correctly and your using VSE 7.0 then you really need to upgrade as your DATs are 2 years out of date




          I run a couple of legacy 2000 servers with VSE 8.7 and Agent on ePO 4.6 with no issues.

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            The dat files are up to date, we have some 5500 machines that cant be upgraded ,software no longer supported or produced ect.winzip  problem curently only affects a couple of machines.we have a work around, but would prefere to use Mcafee as a solution rather than TREND av.


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              What version of McAfee are you using?


              Have you tried setting up the exclusions?

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                EPO 4.6L

                And yes  i have set exclusions, but it is still very memory hungury

                installed Trend AV works fine OfficeScan !0.6

                would prefer to use Mcafee as we have enterprise lience.

                P.S macafee platuinum support waste of time