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    Best option for managing remote site?

      Hi there


      We have a global network but a single Active Directory domain.


      We have an ePO server located in AU and a distributed repo in Malaysia currently servicing about 250 active machines in total.

      The US have just built a new ePO server locally but want to leverage our policies and tasks (I would have to register their server on ours).  On the whole, they are an autonomous group and manage their own infrastructure but it would be nice for us here to have a visibility of their machines from an AV point of view.


      It's hard to tell from the doco what actually happens when you register a server; does it mean that the tasks and whatnot on ours is available on theirs?  Could we manage their machines from here?  Are their machines visible on my ePO server console?


      Also, rather than registering their server, would the better/easier solution be to simply create a couple of new distributed repositories and Agent Handlers?  I would expect to add about another 250 hosts.  Would our existing server cope?


      Cheers and thanks