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    Retrieve stats from alias network interfaces



      Have an SG560 with firmware 3.2.2 configured up with a /30 connection to the internet.

      Have another /27 series of IP addresses assigned to this connection as individual aliases.


      Have individual port forwards setup for each alias to internal IP addresses - 172.16.X.Y


      Trying to snmpwalk the device to retrieve the stats for each of the alias IP addresses, but all the traffic is being collected on one of the ethernet connections.


      Can see the individual aliases as eth1:0, eth1:1, .... eth1X, but no traffic is being seen across these interfaces.


      Planning to roll it over to an SG580 with firmware 3.2.2, if we can get the stats collection working cleanly.


      Would upgrading to a later 4.0.X firmware make any difference ?