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    Issues migrating SafeBoot 5.1.7 to ePO 4.6





      I'm in the process of migrating our Safeboot environment (5.1.7) into ePO.  We are running ePO 4.6 (build 1192).  I've been following Dan Larson's guide, which is awesome, by the way .  I was able to export my machines and users out of Safeboot using the migration tool, and was successful in importing this data into ePO.  It did retain the users assigned to each workstation as expected.  The problem I'm having is with deploying the software.  I've triple checked my policies, and I made sure that it is enabled, and I have "all disks" set to encrypted, and I've made sure that there are users assigned to the workstations.  I've setup a task to deploy eepc agent and eepc software to a test workstation.  It looks like it was successfully downloaded and installed on the workstation.  However, the system state is still showing as "inactive", and it never removed the old safeboot agent, as the guide suggests.  I've tried it on a different workstation with the same results.  If I look at the "About" screen, I have the following information:




      Here is the status of EEPC.  Again, "Inactive".....




      Here are the modules that were installed:




      As you can see from my tray, the SafeBoot agent is still installed:




      Is there something I am missing?  I tried uninstalling / reinstalling, and I've triple checked all of my policies, and I can't seem to figure out why this is not working.  Thank so much in advance for your help.