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    60 day trial.


      I accidentlly installed a sixty day free trial of McAfee, although I already have  Mcafee which doesn't expire until Aug or Sept, My security has now expired because the sixty days is up,

      Anyone have any thoughts on what I can do,


      Thank you.

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          Assuming this is the home product.


          Uninstall in the normal manner via Control Panel.  Then run the MCPR cleanup tool listed under Useful Links at the top of the page, reboot and go to your regular account page and reinstall your software from there.


          If there are any further issues with account alerts call Customer Service, it's free and also linked under Useful Links.


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            Thank you Ex_Brit,   When I seen your reply I hadn't got a clue what you were talking about, the only bit I understood was removing something via control panel,  but I got there. I'm amazed but I've got my three licence's back and eighty days before they expire.


            Thank you ,


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              I should have explained that a bit more perhaps, sorry about that ;-)


              Good luck.