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    push DAT updates to clients



      i have a freshly installed ePO 4.6 and VirusScanEnterprise 8.8 on 15+ clients.

      i've added all these clients to ePO by cmd "frminst.exe /INSTALL=AGENT /Siteinfo=C:\Sitelist.xml" and i can see them in System Trees.

      now i have trouble on how to push updates to these clients.


      my approach is to download SuperDAT/DAT zip file from McAfee website. but i dont know how to configure ePO or clients to update themselvs from it.

      please guide me on what should i do in ePO?



      according to one guide i could find, i should add the zip DAT file to master repository which i did but i get this error on client's Agent log when i click Update Now:



      Updater     06/14/2012     01:51:09(.8     Info     Update Finished

      Updater     06/14/2012     01:51:09(.8     Info     The following packages were not in the repository:  Engine,DAT, VSCANCEU1000, EXTRADAT1000, BOCVSE__1000, SUPERDAT1000,VIRUSCAN8800.

      Updater     06/14/2012     01:51:09(.8     Info     These updates will be applied if they are in the repository: Engine, DAT, VSCANCEU1000, EXTRADAT1000, BOCVSE__1000, SUPERDAT1000,VIRUSCAN8800.

      Updater     06/14/2012     01:51:08(.8     Info     Loading update configuration from: catalog.xml

      Updater     06/14/2012     01:51:08(.8     Info     Extracting catalog.z.

      Updater     06/14/2012     01:51:08(.8     Info     Verifying catalog.z.

      Updater     06/14/2012     01:51:08(.8     Info     Initializing update...


      thanks in advance

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          Do you have to push out the DAT manually?


          If not you can do it automatically under Menu, Config, Server Settings, Global Updating and edit the options as required.


          Looking at the error I don't think you have checked in the VirusScan extension (seperate download) under Menu, Software, Extension, Install Extension.


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            Have you checked any packages into ePO yet? You really shouldn't have to download anything manually ePO does all that for you.


            I thought that a default install included the DAT already checked in.


            Either way a simple update task created in ePO and applied to the systems is all you need to do. Read chapter 16 of the ePO product guide, that explains how to setup tasks to update your systems.


            Also make sure the 'Update Master Repository' scheduled task has been run successfully yo make sure your ePO server is up to date.


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              well let me describe the scenario here.

              my server and all the clients are behind a firewall which blocks their access to the internet. so if ePO can by default download DAT update files and push them to clients, its blocked by firewall. but if it can! please tell me if im wrong!

              but anyway, i need to know what steps i shoud take and what should configure to add the sdatepo6xxx.zip file which i download manually, to the ePO so that clients can update themselves with it. (i read the ePO product guide but its so confusing!)


              please guide me.

              i appreciate in advance

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                If your downloading the SDAT manually then you have internet access somewhere


                Why not just allow the ePO server to connect through the firewall. The firewall rules could be as strict as letting the just ePO server to have access to just the McAfee servers.


                But if your coporate policy is for no internet access at all then your best bet is to not download the SuperDat but the DAT package for ePO (avvepo6xxxdat.zip)




                The update mechanism for VSE allows clients to do an incremental update based on a single days DAT changes. The incremental update (.gem) is typically only a few hundred kilobytes compared to the 100Mb+ of the SuperDat. This then has the benifit of less network traffic.


                Simply check this package into your master repository 'Menu' -> 'Software' -> 'Master Repository' and from the menu at the bottom choose 'check in package', select your downloaded zip file and ok. It will then ask what branch choose 'current'.


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                  huge thanks for your answer.

                  yes corporate policy isues.

                  all right added to master repository. now what should i do?

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                    First step is to run a manual update on one of  the clients and see if it updates successfully.


                    If that works then you can look at creating a scheduled update task that you apply to the clients in the ePO system tree.


                    The scenario could be for example...


                    Every morning you download and check in the DAT package at 8 o'clock. You would then set your update task so that each computer attempts to update itself from the ePO sever at 9 o'clock.

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