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    Permission sets in EPO

      I need this urgently please, I have different groups, whome i want to givev permission to manage policies in EPO for that group only, for examples servers group under my organization, the user who have permission for server will only be able to edit policies and everything for servers, and not for other groups.

      tried the group admin.. and configured permission set, but its not allowing editing of policies, only viewing and they are dimmed! please help.

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          I've been using this for some groups here.

          You have to understand how permissions work.

          Assuming you're a global admin and you create a policy named "Global Policy". This policy belongs to you and may only be edited and modified by you (and possibly another Global admin).

          You give the right permissions to a Group admin, they may still not modify your policy. They may however copy it to a new policy named e.g. "Group Policy" and modify that policy and use (apply) it to their group.

          Is this OK for you ?

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            Thanks Serge, I think what you're saying sounds logical, will try it and see.

            THanks again.