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    Repository Sites and Agent Handlers




      I have recently added an Agent Handler to deal with another server with a different gateway.  The problem I have now is that all clients on other sites (and other subnets) seem to be using it to update from. I have checked the repository configuration which is set to update by subnet and the agent handler server isn't even in the list of repositories.  Is there any way for clients to go to their closest server in this scenario? Or is this a bug in the system?


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          You might be able to utlize the agent handler groups and assign specific systems groups to specific agent handlers.


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            Unfortunately I was unable to get this to do what I wanted. The big problem I have with agent handlers is that it seems to then forget about the site repositories, now all clients want to update from the main server/2nd agent handler and I'm unable to get clients to update from their respective subnet. Even after disabling the agent handlers the clients still want to update from the main ePO server which is bad for our network traffic.

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              In a repository list the main ePO server is the same as the agenthandlers, Since the clients can't tell the difference when checking in, they think the assigned agent handler is ePO. That's why agent handlers don't appear in the repository list.


              Put your enabled site repository at the top of the list, specify to use the list order, not ping or distance and assign that agent policy to the machines that use that repository, they should then first pull from your site repository instead of an agent handler or ePO.


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                Sorry! My fault, didn't realise that when I added in the repositories they were automatically set to disabled. Enabled them and hey presto!


                Sorry to waste your time, now working as it should :s

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                  My Agent Handler is not getting updates from the main ePO server, which is also the main repository. When I do an Update from VSE, it tries to get the update from itself. It obviously fails because the dat file is not there.


                  Is there a config file I can edit to point it to the main ePO server?