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    Error 0x384 during update process





      PC with Windows XP SP3 installed and McAfee SaaS Enpoint Protection installed can't update manually DAT Files. Neither update automatically daily.



      When right clic in Shield --> Update Now: appears error: "Installation Error 0x384 / Another MSI installation is in progress,deferring the update to next auto update...



      - TS Done:

           Uninstall product with MVSUninst.exe (administrator user)

           Reboot PC.

           Delete all McAfee folders in C:\, Program Files, Documents & Settings folders.

           Uninstall no plug & play McAfee devices in Device Manager.

           Delete McAfee keys in Windows registry.

           Not McAfee services in windows services (services.msc)

           Delete temporary files (Windows and Internet Explorer)

           Reboot PC again.

           Empty paper bin.

           Install in silence mode (vssetup.exe /ck=xxxxxxxxxx /email=user@domain.com /p=vb)


           Added McAfee sites to Internet Explorer Trusted Sites.


      What could be causing the problem?


      All processes running aparently OK


      - SaaS version:
           Product:  5.2.3 Patch 4
           Engine: 5400
           DAT Files: 6728 (not possible update)



      I hope your answers. Thanks in advance.

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          Hi ansanchez,


          I see that you are still running the older version of the McAfee SaaS Endpoint protection software.


          Please be informed that the new version of the McAfee software is v5.4.


          Please try to uninstall the software completely and use the URL method to download the latest version of the McAfee software.


          Steps for Uninstallation :

          1. Log on to the security center from www.mcafeesaas.com
          2. Click on the tab utilities-> select the sub tab Migration & Optimization.
          3. Under the Cleanup Utility --> select the download option.
          4. Download and save it to the desktop and run this exe to uninstall.
          5. Delete all the entries from start-> select "Run" ->type "temp" and then select all the files and folder under that and delete. (Ignore the files that you are not able to delete)
          6.  Delete all the entries from start->select "Run" ->type "%temp%"and then select all the files and folder under that and delete. (Ignore the files that you are not able to delete)
          7. Reboot the computer.


          After you have done all the above steps, please proceed with the below steps for the installation.

          1.Open the webpage www.mcafeesaas.com
          2.Click on log in and enter your email address and password and login
          3.Under the tab dashboard, click on the install protection and select desktop protection.
          4.click on next.
          5.If you want to install McAfee on that computer you can install by selecting the first option.
          6.select the following features which you want to be installed in your computer.
             Virus and spyware protection service
             Firewall protection service
             Browser protection and web filtering service
          7.click on click here to install.
          8.Download the tops file and save it on your C drive and run it from there.
          9.McAfee will be installed in your computer


          If the issue still persists even after the install of the new version, please contact us again.



          Pritish P.

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            Regardless of product version, how it was performing this error before publishing the final version of SaaS?, How fix this error if appears with latest version installed?, The version is not relevant to this case. I think.

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              Hi Ansanchez,


              We believe that Error 0x384 will be generated from windows, try to perform a windows update which will help us to resolve the issue. Also we can try running SFC Scan in the computer which will fix the windows related issue.


              After performing the above steps if still the issue persist, please call us directly. So that it will be helpful for us to work on your computer remotely to fix the issue.




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                Thanks Sathish V. Finally issue has been solved (too time waiting answer). user had an MS Office installation damaged. He reinstalls MS Office pack and the issue with McAfee has been solved.

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                  Hi ansanchez,


                  We are happy to know that the issue has been resolved. Also, please upgrade your McAfee software to the new 5.4 version.



                  Pritish P.