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    Does McAfee cover virus scanning of Marco, ActiveX and VBA project coded Office documents?

      Dear reader,



      I am looking for some document which states that McAfee indeed covers scanning of Marco, ActiveX and VBA project coded Office documents.



      As a Microsoft Office2010 designer I experience a lot of customers who would like to trust Macro files, Active X files en trust access to VBA project code. This is to suppress security warnings from Office applications for end users and increase the compatibility with 'home-made' documents/excel programs.

      The common sense is they trust the virus scanner to cover possible vulnerabilities of these objects. And those security warnings from Office 2010 are considered no true security, because it provides the users with a large 'enable content' button, which the users will press anyway.

      I know this could be covered in the end user training while migrating to Office2010, but if McAfee is covering those object, I rather trust on the security of McAfee and disable security scanning in Office 2010 to minimize the impact on end users.

      Could someone please help me with finding a McAfee document which states that scanning of Marco and ActiveX and VBA project coded Office documents is covered by McAfee virus scanning, or confirm the statement?
      This is just for notice in the Office2010 design decisions.

      So we can let Office trust these document object types to improve the user experience and knowing that McAfee(ePO) is covering possible treats of Macro, ActiveX or VBA code enabled documents.


      Best regards and thanks in advance,
      Eddy Veldboer
      Logica (McAfee partner)


      Most customers use McAfee ePO