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    USB Encryption

      Is it possible to disable the USB drive of a computer from accepting all USB's that are not encrypted?


      If so can it be done through ePO or through the individual computer settings?

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          Yes, by using the Data Loss Prevention product from Mcafee.


          DLP can be linked in with ePO, much like all the other McAfee products.

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            I would like to know how to do this. I have ePO running and i have a Test Encrypted USB stick from McAfee.

            What do I have to do on ePO so that my Test Computer will only accept the McAfee's Encrypted USB stick instead of any general USB stick.

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              Assuming your licensed to use the DLP software as part of your McAfee agreement.


              1. Download and check in the DLP packages into ePO

              2. Install DLP to your target system(s)

              3. Configure the DLP policy to suit your needs




              The above is a sample grab from my usb policy. Basically i have it configured so that anyone can insert any generic usb device but it becomes read-only, members of a specific AD group have unrestricted read/write access and encrypted media has unrestricted read/write. But this is all configure-able to what ever suits you.