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    Account for agent to server communication get locked


      I have to reopen this thread because i deleted my old account. Here is my problem:


      We use ePO 4.5 with 65 distributed UNC repositories. The repositories are distributed  in an AD forest with 10 domains. Two-way trusts exist between every domain.


      We use a dedicated AD user account as "download credentials (agent to server)". This user account get locked for some reason all the time. When we unlock the account the user gets locked immediatly again. In the Windows security log on the ePO Server I get around 80 events (ID 539) per second that the account is locked out. In the Apache log I get the same amout of events that say "Client denied by server configuration: C:/Program Files/McAfee/ePolicy Orchestrator/DB/".


      I checked if I have tasks in ePO that use wrong credentials but couldn't find any.


      I hope you guys can help me solve the problem. Thanks in advance.