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    Activation of license


           I have two clients that renewed their firewall license. They clicked the activate license but the only thing that was updated was the support.  I tried to manually activate it on your activation website and import the html file to the firewall but still it is not updated. I tried to ssh to the firewall and type cf license get but still no effect.

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          You will probably be better off speaking with your reseller or local McAfee representative so they can pursue this with customer services.


          The licenses that get re-activated depend on the serial number and what you have renewed. If the system was purchased with v8 then renewing maintenance should renew all of the other licenses (URL Filtering, AV, IPS etc...). However if it was originally purchased as a v7.0 appliance, because these other functions were cost options, upgrading to v8 did not automatically entitle you to them.


          We had the same situation with some of our customers. When v8 was launched, the marketing material stated that this version would include all functions by default, but when we started to upgrade our customers we found that some of them did get these licenses and others did not. It was explained that if the appliance was a model "F" or newer, supplied with 7.0.1 then upgrading to v8 would entitle them to these new functions. However, if it was an older appliance (originally supplied with v7.0) they would not get all of these additional functions.


          It could, however, be an innocent administrative mistake and if you e-mail service@mcafee.com and send them a screen capture of your licensing screen they should be able to tell you if it is a simple mistake on their part (which they should be able rectify) or if your reseller has not processed your renewal correctly.