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    Trial version working, but is it completely functional?

      Still using trial version and haven't validated or paid for McAfee Security Center (lists as installed in add-rem progs list) and yet after registering and updating, only "VirusScan" lists as uodated to current date, while allother mcAfee products list with years old dates for last updated.


      As such, I'm left sort of wondering if nothing but "antivirus" is installed (and working) or if the other products are installed in "Security Center", it makes no sense that About lists Security Center" as last udaped in Jult of 2008.


      Apparently even the certainly that "Security Center" is working, what with all the other McAfee products also last updated yrs ago, I'm left a bit apprehensive whether or not they're all fully functional.


      Appreciate only hearing from others that have noticed this and if they found any means of assuring the trial vwersion is up to snuff (fully functional).