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    McAfee Vaults


      After installing the security Vault, I noticed that there is a Vault icon in the Documents area.


      Outside of completely un-installing the McAfee software package, is there any way to uninstall the Vault feature?

      I found that I cannot even move or delete the vault. I tried to modify the settings in the registry for permissions to be allowed to delete this icon. That did not work!  In the end, I had to do a system resore to fix things back to normal.


      I realize I can delete the vault at the user level, but the vault icon and vault activity is still present. It is not truely uninstalled.


      What is interesting is in Win Explorer the vault behaves as if it was a mapped drive or mapped partition.


      I would think, out of common decency, the authors would allow someone to be able to uninstall the vault icon and vault associated part of the program.



      Maybe someone would have an easy solution.



      Jerry G.

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          Peter M

          When installing the software, if you don't want the Anti-Theft Vault then don't install Anti-Theft - use the Custom option.   If the software is already installed then run the uninstaller from Control Panel in the normal way and then run the MCPR removal tool listed under Useful Links at the top of this page.

          Reboot and reinstall from the account using the Custom Option.


          If it's installed and you can't do the above for whatever reason I think the vault will be deletable if you disable Access Protection in SecurityCenter momentarily while doing it.


          Open SecurityCenter by double-clicking the taskbar icon.

          Click Navigate at top right

          Click General Settings and Alerts over at the left

          Click Access Protection at the bottom to expand and turn it off there while you delete the vault.


          Technical Support can also help for free via telephone or online chat and are also linked under Useful Links at the top of the page.


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            Peter M

            Please contact Technical Support.  It's free by phone or online chat.  See Useful Linis at the top of this page.

            Sorry but that's all I can suggest.


            The software has changed since this thread started last June.


            The only thing we have to go on is this FAQ: 


            For the older (Intel) AT 1.5:  http://service.mcafee.com/FAQDocument.aspx?lc=1033&id=TS101371

            For the later McAfee AT 2.0:  http://service.mcafee.com/FAQDocument.aspx?lc=1033&id=TS101466

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              Peter M

              First of all they aren't inexperienced and secondly how else could they help without connecting up with your machine?  Wave a magic wand perhaps?:   Your attitude and language isn't encouraging anyone to help you, inlcuding myself.


              If you don't want to take advice then I'll let you stew.


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                I am a user like anyone else.


                The MaCafee software is very sophisticated. There has been a lot of R&D put in to its development. They offer as part of the service an excellent support.


                I am an IT specialist and have seen their protection work very well. The reason why they go in to do the fixes is because of the complexity of their software. Most companies charge added fees for this service on top of the purchase price.


                As for myself and my clients we had excellent results with this software. If you dislike the product so much go for one of the free ones and take the chance. There will be zero support with the free ones and they are not as secure.

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                  Peter M

                  If at first you don't succeed...as the saying goes...try again and ask for escalation.

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                    This thread is garbled because I flagged 3 posts by a now-banned user for gross profanity.


                    He's toast now and the thread is locked, so tough.


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                      Peter M

                      Just reopened this thread to add that I deleted the banned user's content as it was creating false notifications of new posts for some unknown reason.

                      Now locking it again.