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    Clients not updating


      I'm having a problem with a bunch of our servers + PCs not updating their dats. They're all running agent (4.00 patch 2) with VScan 8.7 patch 1. Recently when doing an auto-update they've been logging the following


      09 July 2009 09:01:14 Info Updater Updates were not applied because packages were not in the repository: DAT

      although everything else is updating fine - this is happening on 26 out of 220 clients and is a mix of Windows XP SP2, SP3, Server 2000 and Server 2003. They're all managed by EPO 4 patch 4 which currently has DAT 5670 and engine 5301.4018, but the clients that won't update are all on DAT 5654 and 5301.4018 engine.

      Anyone know why it's happening and/or how to fix it?

      Ta happy