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    mwg 7.2 URL redirect issue




      Today i disabled SSL scanner and my URL redirect is not workign on HTTPS websites. It's working fine with HTTP websites though. Is SSL decryption important to redirect HTTPS websites? I have also tried to block HTTPS websites with criteria URL = https://www.youtube.com/ but it doesn't block when SSL scanner rule is disabled.


      Example of redirect:



      URL equals http://youtube.com/

      or URL equals https://youtube.com/


      Action: redirect to http://youtube.com/abcd


      when SSL scanner it enabled the rule works fine butwhen i disable it redirection does not work for https://youtube.com/


      MWG version is 7.2 build 13253


      I use this redirect to move users to my company's youtube channel and then i have added youtube uploader rule from ruleset library to allow only authorized uploader of my youtube channel.