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    HIPS 8 IPS Rules Exception policy


      I have an extensive exception rules IPS policy I need to create.  Is there a method, such as creating a raw xml file that can be inported as a policy, that would be more efficient than creating the policy via the bulky policy editor GUI? 


      I could edit an eixting policy and insert the varilbles needed for each rule however there is a hash created for the rule name.


      Any ideas is appreciated.



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          I was able to export and modify the XML to create a policy in VSE, but it's probably not officially supported...in my case I had a large config for workstations that needed to move to the servers (Citrix).  I suppose you'd still have to create a policy first and export to get the syntax going.  But if it's right it will slurp right in.  It may go in if wrong which could be bad.  I would test.


          In other news: why does it take 10 minutes to create an exception from an event in HIPS???  (Maybe I should apply 4.6 Patch 2...)