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    Disable On-Access Scan context menu disabled

      VirusScan 8.0, ePO 4.0, Vista (but same pproblem on XP PCs)

      If I right click the VirusScan Sheild in the icon tray the Disable On-Access Scan item is not enabled.

      I have searched all over trying to find the seting in ePO that will allow the user to disable on-access scan - we used to be able to do that until the next policy update. But some custome policies have been established and now we can no longer temporarily disable on-access scan.

      If I open the VirusScan consle and right click On-Access Scan the Disable item is not enabled. If I go to Properties for On-Access Scan there do not appear to be any settings that control the ability to disable On-Access Scan.

      What ePO policy controls the ability to disable On-Access Scan?