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    End Point Encryption - 0xe005004 Error

      Hi guys,

      I have been issued with a new laptop at work (lucky me) and I am in the process of transferring the information from my old laptop to my new one.


      Both laptops have end point encrytion installed and the username/password is the same on both laptops.


      I turned on my old laptop yesterday to be greeted with an error box saying the there is an 'Endpoint Encrytion error' with an error code of '0xe0050004' with a further explanation of 'Incorrect version is installed'. The only option that is given is 'OK', which just reboots the laptop


      I googled the error code and was pointed at a utility called EETech which I have downloaded and created a bootable CD. The laptop boots OK with this CD but I am wondering how I can authenticate to the utility to either remove encryption or transfer the remaining information I need to a USB stick - any clues?


      I would have thought, given that I can log into my new laptop OK with the same credentials as my old PC, that there would be a file on my new laptop that woudl enable me to log into the old one?


      I know I could have a word with my internal IT guys but I know that thier first suggestion will - re-image the old laptop - not going to happen


      Any help would be much appreciated.