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    Epolicy Remote Sites



      I currently have Epolicy 4.6 set up in our main site and working fine.  I'm wanting to set it up on my remote sites however I want to make sure it won't slow down internet connections during working hours as some sites are more remote than others and the best lines they can get are around 1 MB.


      Most users travel around and are on a different remote site each day and each remote site has a VPN connection back to the main office and are all on 1 domain.


      Is it possible to have Epolicy set up on different sites so that each user will download their updates from the local server rather than the 1 server wherever they are?  If so is this easy to set up?


      I hope that makes more sense, my knowledge of Epolicy is limited.  I can install it and push out clients and that is about it :-)



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            It is possible to have ePO agent polices configured so that the agent chooses it's repository based on ping times or subnet distance rather than a fixed list.


            This way your clients should choose the best repo based on thier location.

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              Thanks Tristan, is there any docuemntation available on how to do this or is it straight forward?  Thanks

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                Relatively straight forward once you've found the right bit of the policy



                Pages 174 -175 of the ePO 4.6 product guide also has an guide and explaination of the options for an agent repository policy.


                --- From the manual ---

                Under Select repository by, specify the method to sort repositories:

                • Ping time — Sends an ICMP ping to the closest five repositories (based on subnet value) and sorts

                them by response time.

                • Subnet distance — Compares the IP addresses of client systems and all repositories and sorts

                repositories based on how closely the bits match. The more closely the IP addresses resemble

                each other, the higher in the list the repository is placed.


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                  I've just gone back and re-read your original post.


                  My answers are assuming that you have one main ePO server and a number of distributed (unc/http/ftp) repositories at your remote sites.

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                    Yes, 1 main site with Epolicy configured.  Remote sites with a distributed Epolicy server that connects to the main site.


                    One last thing, If I set te ping response to 5ms, if the user is not in an office and working from home, will they still be able to download the latest DAT from the WEB or will the client in this case not download anything?