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    User Login question

      I have installed McAfee Endpoint Encryption for PC.

      During the installing process, under Produce Settings->Log On(tab),

      I have set the fallowing: 

      Enable SSO - enabled

      Must match user name - disabled

      Using smart card PIN - disabled

      Synchronize Endpoint Encryption password with Windoes - enabled

      Allow User to cancel SSO - disabled


      I now expect that duing pre-boot login my windows password would be my McAfee login password but it is not.

      Is their a way to change setting so that during pre-boot when I login to McAfee Endpoint I can have my Windows password as my login password.

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          When you first ever used that user account, you would have had to pick a password. If you used something other than your Windows password, it will stay that way until you change your Windows password, and then it will attempt to change the EEPC password to match.


          They are two different passwords, The "syncronize passwords with windows" keeps them the same when you go through a change process.


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