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    Device Control 90 Second Delay During Logon

      Dear All,


      We are running ePO/DLP latest versions on Windows 7 x64 machine. We've noticed that enforcement of USB blocking policy do not apply untill almost 90seconds after the user login. Is it a known issue? The desktop and USB is accessible udring this period makes this a big issue for us. Is there a workaround I can delay the login screen till the policy is enforced?


      Please people, inputs are most welcomes and much appreciated.


      Thank you/

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          Is this a new install of DLP?  Did the DLP poicy have a chance to come down to the machine beofre the user logged in?  There is also a setting for "Relaxed login interval" in the agent configuration... not sure what that does, but it sounds like it might be something of interest to you.

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            sorry for being late


            this is a new installation. but the issue remain even after weeks. we are testing this only on one pc for the time being. there is not network issues. It seems this is a known problem. McAfee being McAfee will take their own sweet time to fix it. I've not seen a security company that lags this much behind technology growth. Even notorious Symantec has learned to get up to date.


            Call me a troll or whatever. out of the ENTIRE McAfee products we own and related issues, this is very serious and plain stupid from McAfee's part. Another issue is with Encryption. it doesn't allow us to install PGP. it's an application for god's sake. They should consider stop confusing customers with "Total Protection" crap!