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    installation/Deployment question


      I'm trying to deploy MSMS 2.5 via ePO.


      the deployment fails.


      Then I looked into the guide, and I have to enter creds in the command line parameters of the task......but the guide has 3 possible lines and I only have 1 box on screen....


      Can anyone please tell me what do I put in here?



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          REMOTESQLUSER="DomainName \UserName or HostName\UserName" REMOTESQLPWD="password" IISPORT=45900 (Optional).



          e.g as below


          usrname =svcsharepoint

          password = 123456

          so you would put in

          REMOTESQLUSER="xzpharmacy\svcsharepont\UserName" REMOTESQLPWD="123456" IISPORT=45900


          if you want to change the default port to 49900 you can specify it- or leave it at the standard port of 45900