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    ePO On Demand Virus Scan Reporting



      Is anyone aware of whether a report/query can be created using ePO 4.6 that will show whether a server has had a successful weekly virus scan performed? I am aware of the event reporting which will advise that a scan has been started and completed but I want to be able to validiate whether the scans have been successful or unsuccessful. This impacts a large number of servers therefore it is not practical to log onto each server to check the log files.



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          Since the term successful or unsuccessful can be defined by any number of Event IDs I think it's going to be difficult to have a single Event ID that you can use to determine this. For instance a successful scan could be event id 1027 for a successful delete of a virus, or it could be event id 1025 that it was cleaned or 1023 it was moved.


          I think it can be done, but it will take defining what you consider successful and unsuccessful first and then build a query that can appy a tag "successful" or "unsuccessful" based on the event ID.


          See KB article KB52417 for the event IDs.