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    After McAfee removed Trojan Artemis!B5F115FCED87 my computer is minimally functional...

      McAfee claimed to have removed a Trojan, Artemis!B5F115FCED87 to be exact, and then asked me to restart my computer, which I did.  When the computer restarted (a laptop running Vista, by the way), a whole bunch of things had changed:


      • My wireless access is now labeled "limited connectivity" while the internet is still working fine on every other computer in the house, so I have no internet access on that computer.
      • I am unable to access anything marked with the UAC shield--clicking on such an icon or button gets no response, while other buttons and icons work fine.
      • My sound does not start up at startup, and is marked with a little X, and when I point to it, an information box pops up saying "The Audio Service is not working."
      • All my desktop icons have shifted over to the far left and are no longer arranged as I had once had them, and my touchpad has reverted back to tap-to-click, a setting which I had formerly disabled.
      • Nothing USB can be connected.


      Please tell me what happened when McAfee removed Artemis!B5F115FCED87 that would do this to my computer.  How can I fix it?