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    CSV import error


      Hy there


      I'm trying to import a device definition into an ePO 4.6 with DLP 9.2. The error that I receive is

      Import CSV Failure

      The file to import was empty or has data inan incorrect format.

      Same file was imported in an other DLP console and everything was ok.


      What is wrong there?


      Thanking you.


      Bogdan Clej

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          Most likely you are accessing the console using IE on one of Vista/Win7/Win2008/R2 and you have User-Access Control (UAC) enabled.

          Temporarily disabling UAC while importing the definition fixes one of the causes of this error.

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            Thanks for answering Chris. I'll try your solution and will feed back  the results.



            Respectfully yours,


            Bogdan Clej.

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              I had the same problem importing a list of device serial numbers which I solved by ensuring the first row of the csv is alpha-character only (a column name such as : 'value'). But ePO will import that 'row' along with the other values, so make sure you delete it afterwards. Any numerics in the first row will result in the error message:  The file was empty or has data in an incorrect format.


              Correct csv content example:







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