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    Change the WCF user


      When once the WCF installed on the server, you need user for authentication. But now I want to change this user and I don't know how to do it.

      Can I change the user after I already installed the WCF? and how?

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          In the installation directory of DLPWCF service on the EPO server, default is C:\Program Files\McAfee\DLP\WCF Service\, create a backup of and edit the file DLPWCFService.exe.config with notepad.  Scroll to the bottom to the section containing the following:


          <add key="AuthorizationGroups" value="user" />


          Change the value of "user" currently defined as the user you have setup in WCF to whatever AD user or user group, save the file and restart the WCF service.  Your authorized user will then be able to access the DLP Policy and Monitor.

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            The problem is that I have the error "access is denied"... when I try to access the server with domain admin, it also happend...


            thank you for your reply!