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    How to deliver Safenet IKEY 2032 usb token to a user in EEPC 5.2.12?

      EEPC 5.2.12 supports Safenet IKEY 2032 and Aladdin eToken 72k java.I tested  Aladdin eToken 72k java ok but Safenet IKEY 2032 failed.

      I chose "SafeSign Stored Value Smart Card/SafeSign PKI Smart Card" and some one else since I could not find "Safenetxxx" in User Utility's token list.None works.

      KC told  that "Ensure SafeNet ikey2032 token is in Storage mode, not PKI mode. Contact SafeNet support to convert PKI mode to Storage Mode."

      Then SafeNet support told me that ikey 2032 work in PKI mode only :-(

      I wanna know which one matches Safenet IKEY 2032 usb token and the detailed steps.

      Many thanks.