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    McAfee/TITUS intergrated


      I have a customer who want to use TITUS solution with McAfee DLP. My trouble here is how can I intergrated TITUS classificaion tag into McAfee DLP policy. I haven't see any document about this.


      All help is appreciated



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          Hello watarus,


          I am brand new to this community (10 mins ago) so bear with me.  I work for TITUS (BD) and can get you some MFE screen shots in detail,  but here from TITUS is some info.:


          MFE DLP policy can be set to look for our doc properties (same as standard Microsoft properties).  When you right-click in Explorer you'll see a visual "T" green icon for Public (see below)





          and the value to search for with MFE DLP policy can be found under the document properties of the file under Name/Value/Type or just the :


          Titus properties.JPG


          Let me know if I can assist further:  blair.canavan@titus.com