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    Virtual Tech result: PSFactoryBuffer



      Virtual Tech is pulling up this security center error. It is unable to correct it.


      Thanks for your help.


      Expected COM Component File Path not Present

      Component Name: PSFactoryBuffer {16D2A02D-7200-4AD7-97FA-BEEE9D3AF9FC} c:\program files\mcafee\msc\mcsubmgr\11,0,678,0\mcsubmgr.dll

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          Peter M

          It's a fault with MVT itself and should be corrected soon.  Just disregard it.

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            wow.  if I hadn't found this I would still be looking for something to fix it.   for 2 weeks I have gotten top issue notices from MVT  about DAT issue and HKEY LOCAL ONACCESS SCANNER  issue (real time scanning off).  Security center said it was on, but recent zeroaccess trojan (now gone - 99% sure) could create false notices.  Today, MVT says that they are noted in the report but they are OK.   this situation is creating insanity - who to believe, who to trust, what to use that actually tells you the truth....diabolical.

            SO - were those 2 issues a fault of MTV or something else?   if so, please tell me because this is becoming a health issue for me personally...thank you

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              Peter M

              We were told it was a glitch and has subsequently been patched, I can't tell you definitely if that was the case, however, because in your case it could easily have been the result of an infection.  Support would be able to tell you using the MVT session ID number.

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                just been reading about the PSFactoryBuffer mess which is part of the error report I got. that is also  something I did tell online support about - guess they didn't get the message.  I'm - for the sake of my mental and physical health - gonna assume it was their fault.  I don't have the strength to get thru to support again to be told that they don't know anything but they will be happy to pass me on to the fee support.

                thanks anyway - good to know some tries to help.

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                  If you still have any issues please provide us the MVT sessionID. Also attach the logs from, %appdata%\McAfee\Supportability\MVTlogs.