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    The latest patch did "NOT" fix the internet connection issue

      I just had a update that needed to restart the computer.  I did....and my internet connection is still doing the same thing it did before the update.  I have to wait till it times out and has my connection showing as "Unidentified Network" and then go into the Network Center and disable and enable my connection....only then will it find it.  This is the most pathetic crap I have ever seen.  The program worked perfectly fine before the April update...and now even with the June update it still isn't fixed.


      My current versions are


      Security Center - 11.0.678

      Firewall - 12.0.355


      I know this issue is still with your program...because I can uninstall it and BAM I have my connection detected immediately on start up.  Is there anything I need to try?


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