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    old Program take 2 to 5 minute to start when McAfee Security Center is Running

      There are no errors or virus reported (nor any reference to this program on any of the Logs), the program Renamev1.2.15 from webxpace.com (and all other prior version i have installed), When I double click on the program and take 2 to 5 minutes to start, if while I'm waiting for it to load I can stop the Real Time Scan and it would load immediately, or I can turn the Real Time Scan OFF and then run the program and it will start immediately, if I remove and install McAfee the problem goes away till the next schedule scan and then the problem returns. I can't be re-installing McAfee every week to fix this issue. I need a way for this program to work without my interaction with McAfee, this is been happening for 2 years now. (Your Tech support recommendationis been to reset or re-install McAfee... not a real solution) Thank you.


      My Software


      Windows Vista SP2 and Windows 7 Pro SP1


      McAfee SecurityCenter

      Version 11.0

      Build 11.0.669

      Affld 105

      Last update 4/24/2012


      McAfee VirusScan

      Version 15.0

      Build 15.0.300

      Last Update 6/7/2012

      DAT 6735


      Issue software

      Rename v1.2.15 from webxpace.com

      (Free ware) not longer available.


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