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    ePO Upgrade to 4.6 failure due to 8.3 file naming convention problem

      I started the upgrade to ePO 4.6.2 last night from 4.5.3 and the installer reported that I needed to enable 8.3 naming convention.  I enabled 8.3 using fsutil.exe per KB51431.  I restarted the installation and it failed.  I noticed in KB51431under solution 1 “Installation to a path that failed before 8.3 naming wasenabled will still fail to that same path. Point the installation to a new directory path because 8.3 naming support is added to the path by default when enabled.”

      I don’t recall having an option with the upgrade to selectthe directory path.


      Options that I have considered:

      1)    1 -   Remove ePO 4.5 and install ePO 4.6.2. 

      2)     2 -  Use fsutil.exe to set the folder shortname.  i.e.: fsutil file setshortname “c:\programfiles\mcafee\ ePolicy” ePO

      This is a fairly simple installation, a single server, no super agents; therefore Option 1 is not unreasonable at this point.


      I tried to run the setup a second time to check for an installation path selection and it receive the following message: “The wizard was interrupted before McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator could be installed.  Your system has not been modified.  To complete the installation at another time,please run setup again."





      Ken Schmid