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    Why Can't I Install McAfee Total Protection 2012 When I already had McAfee???

      My McAfee subscrption was coming up to the expiration, so I went ahead and purchased the Total Protection 2012 (an upgrade from what I had prior) as i was very happy with them.

      I went to my McAfee account online and clicked the down load button and went through all of the steps and thought it had downloaded.


      However, i was getting that "Your Subscription is about to Expire" pop in the right had corner.


      I then went to McAfee online chat with Techincal Support. They then did the following via remote access:

      1. Uninstalled my old McAfee software (i had 6 days left before it expired)
      2. ran a program to get rid of cookies and temporary folders/files
        • he confirmed that this wouldnt erase any of my personal things
      3. He then went to my McAfee account
      4. clicked the Download button for the Total Protection 2012
      5. pasted the McAfee Set up icon to my Desk top and told me to click on that and follow the steps to Install Total Protection 2012.
      6. we ended the chat and i went through the steps and Install.
      7. then was prompted to restart my computer to complete the install and the McAfee Icon would be in the lower right hand corner and i would be good to go
      8. once i restarted my Dell computer, the McAfee icon wasnt there and the install didnt look to be completed


      I then called the # I was given when i renewed my subscription (1.866.622.3911) and went through all of the prompts to get to Technical Support.

      well that lead me to a woman who had a serious accent (I later found out that i was talking to the Phillipines). She then took me through the following process for an hour through remote access:

      1. Tried to go to my McAfee account on via Internet Explorer but we could not Log In as i normally use FireFox.
      2. we then logged into my account through FireFox, clicked the Download button for the Total Protection 2012
      3. the screen then froze on my desktop so the install process could not start
      4. she then logs onto my desktop via Safe Mode and tries the down load again (and again through Internet Explorer, which does not work, again)
      5. Safe mode doesnt work
      6. she then created a new User (McAfeetest) on my desk top and tries the down load process again
      7. and still freezes up and nothing happens and we cannot install the new program
      8. so an hour later on the phone she then tells me that someone will be calling me from Tech Support to fix the problem
        • wasn t that her job in the first place!!?? i dont care how long i am on the phone with you as long as you listen to be and fix the problem!
      9. I asked why this was happening and she said that something on my computer was not allowing the INstall to happen.
      10. so that was a waste of an hour
      11. and my computer is now ZERO protected and i am waiting on someone to call me back (really!?!?)


      I am not in the least bit techy of a person and have been able to download other programs to my Dell without ANY trouble. I want to stay with McAfee and am determined to get this new programmed installed as i purchased it, but i am getting very frustrated on something i would think should be relatively easy.


      can someone please provide a clear, concise, idiot proof step by step that will allow me to install Total Protection 2012 onto my computer so that i can continue to use McAfee, be protected and so forth??? i have only had my Dell for 2 1/2 years!


      Please help!!!!


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