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    Whence can I download 'mfendisk.sys'?

    John Allman

      I was until recently a BT Net Protect Plus user, on what has now become a very poorly desktop PC.  BT encourages customers to download its branded version of McAfee safety product, rather than shipping disks with it on.


      When repairing Windows XP from a copy of that OS on CD or DVD, in an attempt to cure the poorly PC, the process prompts for the location of mfendisk.sys.  Browse option starts up in a McAfee location, but it is an empty folder. There is no facility to search the entire hard drive.  I thought of downloading this missing component from the internet from my laptop, copying it to DVD, and taking browse to the DVD after putting the DVD into the desktop PC, but I couldn't find a copy of mfendisk.sys anywhere on the internet to download, hence this posting.  Experimnetally, I tried cancel, hoping that I'd at least get through the boot sequence to use my PC somewhat, without the missing component.


      The XP repair install hangs after automatic reboot.  This may be due to the absence of mfendisk.sys complained of, or (I have reason to suspect) the absence of a correct nvenetfd.inf, or another, unknown reason altogether.


      Whence can I download mfendisk.sys, please?


      I cannot help wondering why the installation of a Microsoft operating system fails, for want of what the consensus online says is a proprietory McAfee component, and there a component of McAfee's software, not of the Microsoft OS one is trying to repair-install.

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          If you are doing a repair installation of your operating system it's sometimes advisable to remove your security software as it can interfere with some of the processes, especially service pack installation for instance.


          I would uninstall anything 'McAfee' from Control Panel/Add or Remove Programs.  If nothing is listed then I would run the removal tool to cleanup up remnants and that can be downloaded form the link under Useful Links at the top of this page.


          Reboot immediately afterwards.


          Once you've sorted out the system and installed all updates, and I realise with XP that means a heck of a lot of updates...I've done it many times, then you can reinstall McAfee software from your online account, in your case most likely a page on the BT website, but if in doubt and you can try here:  https://home.mcafee.com/Secure/MyAccount/DashBoard.aspx and if that doesn't help give Customer Service a shout, it's free and also linked under Useful Links at the top of this page.


          Good luck ;-)   Please don't hesitate to ask for any further assistance, I'll do my best.

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            Also isn't the file here


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              Not on my system but I no longer have XP with McAfee together to compare.   It could also be corrupted hence my thought on cleanup first, get the system sorted out and then reinstall the software which would also replace that file..


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                Sorry, I'd forgotten that I still had an XP VM (Virtual Machine) installed on one of my test partitions and sure enough that file is there.  So in this case I would assume corruption has occurred and use the cleanup tool and only reinstall the software after the updating is finally done.


                There is help with installing the service pack if you need it here:  https://community.mcafee.com/thread/2007

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                  John Allman

                  Had I anticipated the present problem, I could have done as you suggest, but now that I cannot boot my computer, I cannot uninstall McAfee, so a different solution is needed.

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                    That's a quandary - can you boot into Safe Mode with Networking perhaps?    Reasched by tapping F8 repeatedly while booting up and it's usually the second choice in the menu.  At least then you could download the cleanup tool and it will run in that mode.


                    Another thought would be to ask Technical Support by phone, it's free and linked under Useful Links at the top of this page.  They may be able to offer some suggestions because all I can think of now is to format and completelky reinstall the system.

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                      I probably am breaking all kinds of rules by doing this but I've attached a copy of that 1st file.  I can't find the second one I'm afraid as I believe it's an nVidia file and, although I do have an nVidia graphics card, none of my systems, XP SP3 (VM), Vista SP2, Windows 7 SP1 or even Windows 8 RP seem to have it.


                      mfendisk.sys belongs in C:\windows\system32\drivers folder as Tony said earlier.




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                        John Allman

                        I found out today, to my delight, that I could boot up in Safe Mode, but not in Safe Mode With Networking, alas.


                        If I could find the missing driver on the net to download, I could download it to a floppy from my laptop, and then walk across the room to my unwell desktop PC. I wouldn't expect to get everything right, though, extrapolating that technique to a full cleanup tool download, which would probably update the registry on my laptop unnecessarily, when it was the registry on my desktop that needed updating, if any.


                        If it becomes apt, I will use, with gratitude, the ZIP file you attached to one of your postings, but things have now moved on.


                        Having got in, on my desktop machine, using Safe Mode, I was able to access "Add or Remove Programs", in which I attempted to uninstall McAfee (masquerading as BT Net Protect Plus).  Sadly, the said facility thought that McAfee had already been uninstalled, and therefore only offered me the optional removal of the package's name from the list of software "Add or Remove Programs" knew about, which I declined.  Clearly, the Win XP Repair process thinks it knows differently.


                        I am minded to perform a clean install of XP, having backed up everything I recognise as mine to another drive, and to a stick, for good measure.  Who knows what perils await me, in the form of suggestions that my clean installation of XP would like me to insert this or that disk I have never had in my possession, containing various parameter files, so that hardware I'd need a screw driver, a magnifying glass, and courage to examine, could be persuaded to talk to other like hardware my last OEM but one made talk to the other hardware.


                        Thank you for listening.  You have tried to be helpful.  I hope that the clean install of XP will exorcise the ghost of McAfee.  Would you mind marking this thread, just in case this doesn't work, or I chicken out.  My main problem is that I was using Word 2000, which came free with Works 2000.  I have a few complicated documents that today's free Open Office suite cannot handle as faithfully as Microsoft's most recent free edition of Word.  I therefore will want to reinstate Word 2000, after the clean install of XP, and therefore won't go that route lightly.


                        I am a retired IT professional.  How do ordinary people cope with these sorts of problems?

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                          Well you could still download MCPR cleanup tool to removable media using another machine, insert the media and transfer it to the desktop and then run it, no?


                          I know what you mean about how on Earth a regular person copes with this sort of thing.  Well I remember it wasn't too long ago when I didn't even know what Command Prompt meant.

                          One learns pretty quickly.


                          Anyway a Windows reinstall should sort it out, but a pity because of all the updating that entails.

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