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    MVT showing missing com files


      Hi. Do I have this discussion in the right place?

      I read about this in posts from January and first now experienced this problem.

      My Security Suite was just updated thru my ISP to: version 11.0  build 11.0.678.

      I ran MVT after reboot and showed 2 issues. 1 is an incorrect registry key for email scanner which I can't see how to turn on in this new Security Center, (I use web mail anyway), and 2 component path not present... some PS factory buffer. (would send screen shot, but don't know how to do that)

      When I clicked auto fix, it repaired the email scanner, but not the other one. I did this yesterday. Then, today, when I went to rescan with MVT, it wouldn't load...at all. Nothing. I uninstalled MVT and reinstalled and ran a scan and it shows same 2 issues.

      Is this the same thing I read about in January and it is first catching up to me (I know ISPs are slow in updating their "free" Security Suite)  or is this a new issue? Security Suite seems to be working fine.

      Any thoughts?

      I just read somehad had the exact same problem just recently.


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