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    site status not found on ePO 4.5.6


      i'm having issues with epo 4.5.0 patch 6 failing to initiate a pull now in master repository, giving error site status not found. 

      the ePO access to the web is via proxy On a Forefront TMG 2010 firewall, i have attached epo server log

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          ePO server is not able to connect to source website. Please make sure that proxy information is written correctly to the ePO server


          20120607113411 E #4056 naInet   Failed to connect to Real Server: update.nai.com on port: 80

          20120607113411 E #4056 naInet   Socket error: 10060

          20120607113411 I #4056 SIM_InetMgr Download file SiteStat.xml failed in session 1, nainet ret=10060