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    EMM Notifications on iPADs


      We have our compliance check set to hourly, so now every hour a notification shows up on the iPAD prompting the user to "Verification required, Press View to continue" in the notification area (top of the screen). Clicking View will verify the device then the user can keep working.  If the user doesn't acknowledge the requests they just keep piling up in the notification area.  As far as I understand it the compliance check is still happening in the background, so why is the notification prompting the users?


      Is there a way to disable this notification?

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          Compliance check set to hourly... your users must hate you:)  That would be almost enough to make me ask for a blackberry back.


          There is no way to turn off the notifications if you use the compliance check function.  But on iOS devices, if you set the app to use location services (it pops up asking if it can use your location upon initial install of the app) then you can turn off compliance check all together.  The app will use location services to determine jailbreak status and report back in real time.  It also does some cool location aware stuff like if right when you get off a plane it will detect that you have moved to a new location and it will attempt to check for pending actions (such as wipe commands) imediately.

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            We're still piloting EMM.  I thought it would be transparent to the user so we picked an hour to match our ePO ASCI.


            I've put it back to 1440, so once a day.  I re applied the policy, enabled location services for eMM and rebooted my iPad, no more notifications , although other users were still getting notifications hourly.


            Then last week we applied 10.0.1, and re saved the policies.  Had all the pilot users run a policy update.  And now I'm getting EMM Notifications hourly again.  There is nothing in my settings set to 60 minutes, so I don't understand why it's doing this.  Do the servers need to be rebooted for the change to take effect?


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              No reboot.  How many policies do you have?


              Also why not upgrade to 10.1... 10.0/10.0.1 had some wierdness with policies I noticed...  they were bugs so your mileage may vary... Like if I changed a policy it would break everyones connection and they would have to open the app and update config... 10.1 fixes so much of the buggyness that I haven't run into a single thing that doesn't work right since the upgrade.

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                just to make sure that there is no confusion with this topic, there are 2 different settings/behaviors that are being confused here. The compliance expiration essentially marks the device as non-compliant in the console once a device fails to successfully check in in over x hours (whatever you have configured under System Settings> General Settings> compliance duration). If users open their email app and access their corporate mail account, the compliance expiration will be renewed for the device. If users go longer than 24 hours without checking in (accessing corporate email account), the server will query the device and prompt it to check in silently. This process is seamless to the users, they will never see a prompt of any kind with this setting.


                The verification pop ups was mentioned above is  unrelated to the compliance settings; those are the continuous jailbreak status checks that you can configure from the policy itself. All this does is constantly have the user launch the EMM agent, which will run a script that checks the device for jailbroken status. You can delay that or extend it so that users are not prompted very often (highest value allowed is 8760 hours which is 365 days) if they ignore that prompt, you can configure the policy to send more frequent nags for the user to verify their jailbroken status, but it is completely independent from the 4 hour compliance settings. See the policy setcion below: