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    Was the Recent Update to Security Center 11.0 build 11.0.678  Flawed?

      The dat for 6/6/12 (dat 6734) was not able to install and I had to click on dismiss.


      I ran the MVT and it could fix some, but not all the problems. The one not fixed was Problem: Missing/Corrupt COM components (1),  Security Center 11.0.678.   My MVT session 39351440


      The Security Center 11.0 updated itself on 6/5/12 to build 11.0.678  and I had to restart the computer.



      I'm running Windows XP home edition Service Pack 3  on a Dell Inspiron 530.  McAfee AntiVirus Plus 2012 for 1 PC


      Has anyone else reported a similar problem?


      I know nothing about computers, so am feeling very upset right now, as I know I will not personally be able to do anything to fix this problem.

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